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Side 14    Eks.mva    Lager
3800QSC Series Three Dual Monaural Amplifier 2 x 950w  2ohm / Bridge 1900w  4ohm 4300,00A   2
3350QSC Series Three Doal Monaural Amplifier 2 x 400w  2ohm / Bridge 800w  4ohm 2625,00A   1
MX1500QSC Dual Monaural Amplifier 2 x 750w  2ohm / Bridge 1500w  4ohm with Flightcase 3697,00A   1
Model 1400QSC Series One Amplifier 2 x 300w  4ohm / Bridge 600w  8ohm with Flightcase 2730,00A   2
EX 800Channel Module 1400,00A   1
EX1250Channel Module 1980,00A   1
EX1600Channel Module 1980,00A   1
EX2500Channel Module 1260,00A   1
Fan Kit  for Series One   270,00A   4
PL1Power limiter adjustable rate attack / release   250,00A   4
UF1Universal active filter  3 20,00A   2
XH12 way 24db/ocyave electronic crossover selectable abnove 500Hz  3 20,00A   2
OT-300300W 70Voutput autoformer (mout to back of 1200 and 1400)  3 20,00A   2
Model 1400QSE Series One Amplifier with Crossover XL-1  250Hz and XH-1  3,3kHz and â
ADM 1024DeltaLab Delay m/Flightcase (for "M4 CoAx System")                                                    = 5730,00A   2
Community Amplifiers  (Crest)
RX8007U Amp.Rack m/2 RX800 Stereo 700w 4ohm Bridged 1500w 4ohm dybde 56cm14900,00A   2
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