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Clear-Com Intercom Systems



Side 18   Clear-Com Intercom System    Eks.mvaLager
CS-2222-Channel Portable Headset Main Station  4370,00A   1
MS-2322-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station  4968,00A   1
MS-8808-Channel Master Station  9200,00A   1
ICS-200012 Key Display / Control Station11600,00A   2
GM-99" Plug-in Gooseneck Microphone    734,00A   1
GM-1818" Plug-in Gooseneck Microphone    778,00A   2
GM-118" Gooseneck Microphone    450,00A   1
16"Gooseneck Microphone    230,00A   2
13"Gooseneck Microphone    200,00A   2
RS-5011-Channel Standard Beltpack  1123,00A   1
RK-101Rackmount Kit for Beltpack    399,00A   1
CC-60Double Ear Budget Headset 4 Pin Xlr    619,00A   3
DT-280Beyer Single Ear Headset                                                                 1290,00A   1
Beyer Kabel 4 Pin Xlr                                                                         250,00A   1
ES-1Earsock for Headset      32,00A 11
KB-211-GM2-Channel Select Flush Mout Headset / Speaker Station  2268,00A   1
KB-2121-ChannelFlush Mount Push-To-Talk Speaker/Mic. Station  1555,00A   1
V-BoxPortable Wedge-Shaped Enclosure    814,00A   3
MR-102A2-Channel Select Flush Mout Headset Station   1245,00A   1
MR-102AFrontpaneler    100,00A   4
PK-51-Channel 0,5Amp Power Supply  1137,00A   2
PS-202-Channel 1Amp Power Supply  1960,00A   1
PS-222-Channel 1Amp Power Supply  2131,00A   1
PC-IF4B1-Channel 3/4 Wire Interfase Circuit Card In Box  1860,00A   2
RMK-1Remote Mic Kill Controll Unit    994,00A   1
TWC-10A2-Channel - 3 Pin Cable Adapter  1308,00A   1
UPX-10Wireless IFB Transmitter Base Station  6977,00A   1
RCV-2SSingle Channel Wireless IFB Receiver Beltpack  1804,00A   1
TR-50Monaural IFB Talent Receiver    669,00A   1
TS-1Monaural IFB Talent Earphone    144,00A   4
WDA-2Dipole Antenna with PL259 Connector    922,00A   2
4500029AC Outlet Power Supply 220v 2-Prong European    324,00A   1
WDA-1Dipole Antenna with BNC Connector 165-215MHz                            pr.pair  1540,00A   2
AC-10KAdapt-A-Com Interface for 2 - 3 or 4 WireSystem Rack Mount  3686,00A   1
TW-12Clear-Com/RTS System Interfase Rack Mount  3800,00A   1
EB-4WPlug-In 4Wire Adapter Board for KB and MR Stations    512,00A   1
XLR Male 6pin - 2 XLR Female 3pin 1m for RS-522    210,00A   1
XLR Cable 6pin M/F10m    260,00A   1
250302Belt Clips RS-500      12,00A 24
Holder RS-500      16,00A 17
500115Ear Cashion for CC-26      32,00A   2
505000Ear Cashion for singel muff CC-85      93,00A   5
321098Ear Cashion for double muff CC-250      83,00A   5
505030Windscreen Kit 84-6005 CC-85 CC-250      75,00A   5
500114Windscreen Kit for CC-26      24,00A   4
740067Panel Speaker Oval MS232    209,00A   4
500103Panel Speaker 2½" Round for ICS-2000    107,00A   3
500089Panel Speaker 3" Round for MS812A    129,00A   4
250299Top Bezel for RS-500      66,00A   1
250301Bottom Bezel for RS-500      38,00A   1
505020Mic Element 200 ohm for CC-85 / CC-250    197,00A   7
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