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Side 15   PRO CO      Eks.mvaLager
Max-10Mic Attenuators 10dB XLR Female-Male Low-Z 150ohm      63,00A   3
Max-30Mic Attenuators 30dB XLR Female-Male Low-Z 150ohm      63,00A   2
GLXGround Lifter XLR Female-Male      53,00A   3
PRXPolarity Reverser XLR Female-Male      53,00A   3
LMXLine/Mic Adapter ø6,35mm T/R/S Jack input / male XLR output      70,00A   1
9144PCInline Transformer Female XLR low- Z  to High-Z Jack input 150/15K    112,00A   2
ITInline Isolation Female XLR input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   1
IT-QInline Isolation Female ø6,35mm Jack input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   3
IT-X-BCInline Isolation Female ø6,35mm T/R/S Jack input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   5
MC-2Mic Combinder    387,00A   1
MS-2PAS Mic Splitter 1:1    321,00A 10
MS-3PAS Mic Splitter 1:1+1    390,00A   2
DB-PPAS Passive DI Box    229,00A   1
IT-1Isolation Transformer 600:600ohm    347,00A   1
HJ-6PAS Headphone Junction Box    306,00A   4
HJ-4PProfessional Headphone Junction Box    431,00A   1
PM-14848 Point Unbalanced Patchbay    980,00A   1
HC-120Helix HC-120 Multipin Cable Connector Male and Panel Female with Pins (Edac)    711,00A   2
EG-1Jack-Jack Cable Excellines 0,3m      25,00A 14
EG-1LLVinkel Jack-Vinkel Jack 0,3m Excelliens      42,00A   1
YP-5-SQ2QInsert Cable Stereo Jack - 2 Mono Jack 1,5m      74,00A   7
YP-10-SQ2QInsert Cable Stereo Jack - 2 Mono Jack 3m      84,00A 10
MT-8-XX-20Multicore 8 par m/8 stk. 3FX-3MX a' 6m    383,00A   1
SMT-8-RR-5Multicore Smart Trax m/8RCA-8RCA a' 1,5m      50,00A   5
SMT-8-RR-10Multicore Smart Trax m/8RCA-8RCA a' 3m      70,00A   4
PC1HJack-Jack Cable Single Coil Pickups a' 6,1m                                         4-2    209,00A   6
PC1LJack-Jack Cable Keyboards Instrument With Active Pickups a'6,1m     5-2    209,00A   7
Display Rack Holds 2 Spools of  Wire with Wire Cutters    108,00A 32

        0,00A   0
RPS 4Remote Program Selector (Midi)    880,00A   2
RWS44-Program Changs for RPS 4    104,00A1
FLT 442 x FLT22 Output Transformers +24dBu Levels 7K 1:1    440,00A1
MT 6Multichannel 70.7V Tranformers 100W or 300W  1890,00A1
GM5Mandoli/Violin Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A1
GM8Demo 8" clip-on Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A1
GM9Dobro/Archtop Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A1
GM16Guitar Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A1
GM17Banjo Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A1
FMM 42Mixer Master Module  1800,00A8
FMI 14Mixer Input Module  1800,00A4
FLM 82Line Mixer Module  2060,00A2
FSC 22Stereo Compressor  1900,00A2
FPM 42Program Mixer Module  2200,00A2
FPM 44Program Mixer Module  2200,00A2
FDA 18Commericial Distribution Amplifier  2200,00A1
FVR 10Vertical Rack Kit for 10 Modules    294,00A6
FHL 2Horisontal Link Kit 2 modules     80,00A37
FHB 1Horizontal Blank Panel    190,00A37
VC12VC 12 DC-DC Converter 12VDC in - ±15VDC out 5W  1480,00A2
FRS 8Remote Power Supply  1380,00A7
RS 2Remote Power Supply    160,00A5
RS 1Remote Power Supply    108,00A6
RS 10Remote Power Supply ± 24VDC  1600,00A2
RAP 10Power Supply 18VAC  1764,00A3
E101Passive Coil Equaliser (Balanced)  2600,00A1
DL 120Compressor/ Limiter Scamp Retro-Fit  1280,00A1
ADX-2000Digital Signal Processor 2 in 4 out with 1 to 261 millisecond dely with Flightcase12500,00A1
ADD-3Industrial Digital Processor  1 input 3 outputs with 490ms dely  2600,00A1
DN-60KLARK TEKNIK Real Time Spectrum Analyser and 
RT-60Reverberation Analyser with remote Mic A.T.I. 1580 w/Flightcase                              =        0,00A1
LA101LINDOS Audio Osillator and 
LA102Audio Measuring Set with Flightcase                                                                           =        0,00A1
RTA131-Band Real Time Analyser with 30 1/3 rd Octave Bands w/Fligtcase  3120,00A1
CM15Measurement Microphone    920,00A1
NF66 Band Notch Filter   1168,00A1
30M8Portable 1/3 Octave Audio Spectrum Analyzer with remote Mic Read "A or C" weighting        0,00A1
TS-1LOFTECH Audio Measurements  "Phoenix Audio Laboratory"        0,00A1
TS2RMAudio Test Set        0,00A1
AUDIX Digital Adaptive Telephone Hybrid  9400,00A1
CQ20SONIFEX Cartridge Machines Stereo Player with 14 Cartridge 20sec-4min.  4900,00A1
Sonifex Quick Rack     280,00A1
SFX CTCSonifex Cue Alignment Test Tape    350,00A1
CP18CCamford 1/4" Frequency Test Cartridge Type CP18c 7,5IPS Cartridge Wound    350,00A2
7735White Active Crossover 4016 - 800Hz "plug in"    300,00A2
Electrospace        0,00A1
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