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Side 15   PRO CO      Eks.mvaLager
Max-10Mic Attenuators 10dB XLR Female-Male Low-Z 150ohm      63,00A   3
Max-30Mic Attenuators 30dB XLR Female-Male Low-Z 150ohm      63,00A   2
GLXGround Lifter XLR Female-Male      53,00A   3
PRXPolarity Reverser XLR Female-Male      53,00A   3
LMXLine/Mic Adapter ø6,35mm T/R/S Jack input / male XLR output      70,00A   1
9144PCInline Transformer Female XLR low- Z  to High-Z Jack input 150/15K    112,00A   2
ITInline Isolation Female XLR input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   1
IT-QInline Isolation Female ø6,35mm Jack input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   3
IT-X-BCInline Isolation Female ø6,35mm T/R/S Jack input to Male XLR output 600ohm 1:1    203,00A   5
MC-2Mic Combinder    387,00A   1
MS-2PAS Mic Splitter 1:1    321,00A 10
MS-3PAS Mic Splitter 1:1+1    390,00A   2
DB-PPAS Passive DI Box    229,00A   1
IT-1Isolation Transformer 600:600ohm    347,00A   1
HJ-6PAS Headphone Junction Box    306,00A   4
HJ-4PProfessional Headphone Junction Box    431,00A   1
PM-14848 Point Unbalanced Patchbay    980,00A   1
HC-120Helix HC-120 Multipin Cable Connector Male and Panel Female with Pins (Edac)    711,00A   2
EG-1Jack-Jack Cable Excellines 0,3m      25,00A 14
EG-1LLVinkel Jack-Vinkel Jack 0,3m Excelliens      42,00A   1
YP-5-SQ2QInsert Cable Stereo Jack - 2 Mono Jack 1,5m      74,00A   7
YP-10-SQ2QInsert Cable Stereo Jack - 2 Mono Jack 3m      84,00A 10
MT-8-XX-20Multicore 8 par m/8 stk. 3FX-3MX a' 6m    383,00A   1
SMT-8-RR-5Multicore Smart Trax m/8RCA-8RCA a' 1,5m      50,00A   5
SMT-8-RR-10Multicore Smart Trax m/8RCA-8RCA a' 3m      70,00A   4
PC1HJack-Jack Cable Single Coil Pickups a' 6,1m                                         4-2    209,00A   6
PC1LJack-Jack Cable Keyboards Instrument With Active Pickups a'6,1m     5-2    209,00A   7
Display Rack Holds 2 Spools of  Wire with Wire Cutters    108,00A 32

        0,00A   0
RPS 4Remote Program Selector (Midi)    880,00A   2
RWS44-Program Changs for RPS 4    104,00A   1
FLT 442 x FLT22 Output Transformers +24dBu Levels 7K 1:1    440,00A   1
MT 6Multichannel 70.7V Tranformers 100W or 300W  1890,00A   1
GM5Mandoli/Violin Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A   1
GM8Demo 8" clip-on Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A   1
GM9Dobro/Archtop Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A   1
GM16Guitar Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A   1
GM17Banjo Gooseneck Microphone    730,00A   1
FMM 42Mixer Master Module  1800,00A   8
FMI 14Mixer Input Module  1800,00A   4
FLM 82Line Mixer Module  2060,00A   2
FSC 22Stereo Compressor  1900,00A   2
FPM 42Program Mixer Module  2200,00A   2
FPM 44Program Mixer Module  2200,00A   2
FDA 18Commericial Distribution Amplifier  2200,00A   1
FVR 10Vertical Rack Kit for 10 Modules    294,00A   6
FHL 2Horisontal Link Kit 2 modules     80,00A 37
FHB 1Horizontal Blank Panel    190,00A 37
VC12VC 12 DC-DC Converter 12VDC in - ±15VDC out 5W  1480,00A   2
FRS 8Remote Power Supply  1380,00A   7
RS 2Remote Power Supply    160,00A   5
RS 1Remote Power Supply    108,00A   6
RS 10Remote Power Supply ± 24VDC  1600,00A   2
RAP 10Power Supply 18VAC  1764,00A   3
E101Passive Coil Equaliser (Balanced)  2600,00A1
DL 120Compressor/ Limiter Scamp Retro-Fit  1280,00A1
ADX-2000Digital Signal Processor 2 in 4 out with 1 to 261 millisecond dely with Flightcase12500,00A1
ADD-3Industrial Digital Processor  1 input 3 outputs with 490ms dely  2600,00A1
DN-60KLARK TEKNIK Real Time Spectrum Analyser and 
RT-60Reverberation Analyser with remote Mic A.T.I. 1580 w/Flightcase                              =        0,00A1
LA101LINDOS Audio Osillator and 
LA102Audio Measuring Set with Flightcase                                                                           =        0,00A1
RTA131-Band Real Time Analyser with 30 1/3 rd Octave Bands w/Fligtcase  3120,00A1
CM15Measurement Microphone    920,00A1
NF66 Band Notch Filter   1168,00A1
30M8Portable 1/3 Octave Audio Spectrum Analyzer with remote Mic Read "A or C" weighting        0,00A1
TS-1LOFTECH Audio Measurements  "Phoenix Audio Laboratory"        0,00A1
TS2RMAudio Test Set        0,00A1
AUDIX Digital Adaptive Telephone Hybrid  9400,00A1
CQ20SONIFEX Cartridge Machines Stereo Player with 14 Cartridge 20sec-4min.  4900,00A1
Sonifex Quick Rack     280,00A1
SFX CTCSonifex Cue Alignment Test Tape    350,00A1
CP18CCamford 1/4" Frequency Test Cartridge Type CP18c 7,5IPS Cartridge Wound    350,00A2
7735White Active Crossover 4016 - 800Hz "plug in"    300,00A2
Electrospace        0,00A1
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