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Side 13   KØNIG & MEYER  Stativer & Deler      Eks.mvaLager
260Mik. Stativ discos   208,00A   1
211Galge     81,00A   6
211-1Teleskopgalge     94,00A   1
7.201.300255Complet Base for 201 A/2   101,00A   5
7.201.300155Single Folding Leg for 201 A/2     23,00A   4
7.114.100101Leg Complete for 201 A/1     25,00A   6 Joint for 211                                                                         40,00A   1 Washer 3mm Thick for Swivel Joint                                          2,00A   2
258Galge med Bordklype   177,00A   1
234Bord - Gulvstativ   153,00A1 Rod with 3/8" Thread for 232                                                    36,00A4
235Brakett for 2 mikrofoner     38,00A4
235-1Brakett for 2 mikrofoner, ledd     58,00A3
236Brakett for 4 mik.     84,00A1
238Mik.holder med Stativklype     60,00A15
221dTable Flange     27,00A2
Base Rod 70mm with 3/8" Thread 221c                                                    20,00A2
218Nippel til Mikrofonholder     15,00A5
219Nippel til Mikrofonholder     12,00A19
118-1Orchestra Music Stand Wooden Desk Walnut   414,00A2
118-1Orchestra Music Stand Aluminium Desk Black   414,00A2
101Music Stand DS:420x215mm H:650/1240mm Folds to only 370mm     96,00A3
01.65.330.55Aluminium Desk Black for Orchestra Music Stand    98,00A3
01.03.950.55Coputer Weight for Stativ 212C inv. Ø=20mm   152,00A4
28075Special Stand Desk 450-640mm Height 750-1025mm   512,00A1
18950Mixer- Keyboard stativ H:650/890mm, DW:650/1030mm, DD:335mm   616,00A1
225Svanehals 200mm 3/8" Female - Male Dia. 15mm Sort      57,00A1
230-4Svanehals 400mm NC3MX - 3FX Dia.15mm   164,00A1
230-4Svanehals 400mm NC3MX - 3FX Dia.15mm Sort   143,00A2
15700Trumpetholder     30,00A4
160-1Ash Tray     22,00A2
160-2Drink Holder     38,00A2
162Guitar Wall Mount      42,00A1
24180Veggfeste for høyttaler sort tilt 15° load 20kg   125,00A1
24115Connector  Plate M20 Dia.105mm     52,00A10
245Crossbar Holder   108,00A13
213-1Safety Ring Adapter     63,00A16
21325Rør Adapter Ø=36-38mm for Speaker Stand 246     14,00A2
24660Speaker Holder For 24650 Ø=40-35mm   134,00A4
19670Speaker Tilt Connector 0°-15° Tube diameter 36mm   124,00A5
19672Speaker Tilt Connector 0°-15°   110,00A2
21394Screw Set for Crossbars Parcans 4 Screw Fittings Set     60,00A6
01.86.820.55Plastic Ring for 201 A/2       4,00A11
01.86.920.55Plastic Tightening Sleeve for 201 A/2       6,00A8
01.85.970.55Plastic Cable Holder Ø=20mm       4,00A25
01.85.960.55Cable Clamp for 211-1       4,00A25
03.31.550.15Aluminium Threaded Washer 3/8" Black       6,00A30
01.82.425.55Extension Locking Knob for 208a     12,00A3
03.20.910.55Plastic Rectangular End Caps 20x30mm       3,00A4
6.21460.1.00Spring Loaded Locking Bolt for 214-6     38,00A8
01.86.731.55Plastic Locking Spacer for 214-6       6,00A2
42021.000.55Left and Right Extender Brackets for 19" Rack Wagon 42020                     189,00A1
189-6Keyboard Stand Black H:710/1010mm DW:365-815mm DD:310mm   152,00A1
189 WhiteKeyboard Stand White H:705/965mm DW:405/775mm DD:406mm   145,00A3
188-4Keyboard Stacker for Stand 188-1   175,00A1
166Piano Tuning Level Star Adapter     72,00A1
43002Verkaufsstænder mit Rollen 640x1620mm   920,00A3
Stand for Cable Reels with 6 cable reel holders H:2m SD:355x240mm   150,00A2
Gitterwand 610x2000mm   290,00A8
Spigot for Mik.stand 3/8"  Ø=15,7mm     20,00A13
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